When Sons Shoot Their Dads

I wonder how many times throughout human history that sons have shot their dads?  If you go all the way back to Stone Age times, how many sons shot their dads with arrows or ran them through with spears?

Then, in more modern times, guns have made it easier (and more deadly) to shoot dads.  Killing one’s father even has it’s own name: patricide.

While I’ve never been shot with an arrow or a gun by either of my sons (or my daughter, for that matter!), I’ve been shot with several Canons.

This is a recent picture of my oldest son shooting me with his cannon/Canon.  It’s a new camera for him, replacing an older Nike.  I must say, I’m proud of my eldest for becoming a Canon man!  (For all you Nike folk out there, I mean no disrespect – Nike makes a fine product, too…it just happens that I bought a Canon in order to let my sons know what they should do…just trying to be a helpful dad and set a good example, you know.)

It didn’t even hurt!  If your son or daughter is going to shoot you, this is the way to have it done!

ShootingFathersON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1789, the first Congress under the Constitution of the United States met in New York, New York.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: nyctitropism is the tendency of the leaves or petals of certain plants to assume a different position at night.  (By the way, maybe I’m part plant because at night I assume a different position, too: supine!)


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