Islands in the Stream

When I was in junior and senior high school, I was an Ernest Hemingway junkie.  I read every book he wrote that I could lay my hands on, including Islands In the Stream.  Islands in the Stream (published 1970) was the first of the posthumously published works of Ernest Hemingway. The book was originally intended to revive Hemingway’s reputation after the negative reviews of Across the River and Into the Trees. He began writing it in 1950 and advanced greatly through 1951. The work, rough but seemingly finished, was found by Mary Hemingway from among 332 different works Hemingway left behind after his death.

In 1983, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton sang a song, Islands in the Stream, named after Hemingway’s book.  It was written by the Bee Gees and was the number one song of the year.  In case you don’t remember it, here’s a link:

Sometimes don’t you feel like an island in the stream of life?  Life seems to swish and swirl past you, nibbling a bit at the edges, trying to devour you.  In enough time, I’m sure that just as the river will obliterate the island in the picture today, life will move on past us, too.  That’s okay.  I don’t think I want to live here forever, do you?  

I love life and I enjoy it.  I’m not as young as I once was, but I still am able to enjoy life and delight in the people I love, the things I love to do, sights I hope to yet see and experiences yet to be shared.  I think that’s how it’s supposed to be. 

There’s no use getting maudlin over the stream that pushes past us, nibbling at our edges.  We can’t do anything about that.  Let’s enjoy the ride…and wait with expectation for what is on the other side!

IslandsInTheStreamON THIS DAY IN  HISTORY: the year was 1844 – The newly built “USS Princeton” fired one of its guns while on a demonstration cruise on the Potomac. The gun exploded, killing Abel P. Upshur, Secretary of State; Thomas W. Gilmer, Secretary of the Navy and David Gardiner of Gardiners Island, New York along with several others. United States President, John Tyler, was on board and narrowly escaped death.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: The properties and characteristics of a particular member of the plastics family, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), causes carbonated drinks to bubble more in plastic cups.



One thought on “Islands in the Stream

  1. Your right that’s not an Island:) Not what I would expect but the last sentence was right we are waiting for what’s on the other side it has to be wonderful!:)

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