The Way of Love

I have recently enjoyed seeing Facebook posts of some of my old co-workers who are experiencing the wonder of a grand child for the first time.  The look on the faces of the women I used to know as they hold their little grand children is utterly delightful.  The love oozes out of their faces and pours itself all over their little ones!

There is something special about the mother and child together.  It is perhaps the purest form of human love…this love of a women for another human being who grew inside of her, who was once part, yet separate, from her.  Mothers and children are beautiful.

Today’s photo is of what I assume is a mother and child.  I took this photo in Mud Fort Slum in Bangalore, India this past June.  The things that mothers do for their little ones defies rationality…but then, that’s the way of love, isn’t it?

MotherAndChildON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1876 in Eastport, Maine, Julius Wolf was credited as being the first person to can sardines.  Now, do you really care?????

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Pennsylvania has the largest rural population in the United States.


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