He’s Baaaaacccckkkkkkk….

Ah, home sweet home!  It’s always good to be back home after being gone.

For the past week, I was in Tecate, Mexico for some training connected to my work.  It was an interesting experience and a good opportunity to learn.

Did you know that most of the homes (typical Mexican homes) have no heat?  I was staying at a rancho for groups to meet for training, retreats, etc., and one morning it was cold enough that you could see your breath in the room.  Thank goodness there was plenty of hot water for showers, though!!!!

Another item: in a typical Mexican home, you don’t flush any paper down the toilet – the plumbing just can’t handle it.  So, what do you do?  You put it in a trash can that’s beside the toilet and it is cleaned/dumped daily.

The food was wonderful, we drank only filtered/bottled water, and the people were great.  The first night we were there (before everyone arrived and the training started), we all went out to eat at El Pollo Feliz (The Happy Chicken – which I rather doubt because the chickens there have all been beheaded and cooked!).  There must have been 15 or so of us, and we ate chicken until we were blue in the face.  They also provided quesadillas, refried beans, salsa, chips and soda.  Plus, one or two others ordered something else.  Do you know how much the bill for all that come to?  Seven U.S. dollars!!!!  Amazing…

Here’s a picture of some foliage I shot outside the rancho where we met.  I liked the color.

MexicoPlantsON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1861, President-elect Lincoln and his wife left Springfield, IL, on a train for Washington, D.C.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Just 50 years after Johannes Gutenberg invented his printing press in the mid-15th century, more than 6 million books had been published on law, science, poetry, politics, and religion.




6 thoughts on “He’s Baaaaacccckkkkkkk….

  1. Do you have any idea where you will be gong next? Boy if you stayed any longer your stomach would have told you so:)By the way what is Tecate? Have you put in for Jet Mileage points? You’ll pay allot less on your next trip:) Your going to find that it’s the governments that are not helping their people and keeping the funds in most out of coun try missions it is to bad people have to suffer rotten governments.

    1. The next trip will be to Ghana, Africa starting in early April.

      You are right, injustice and greed are huge causes of poverty and hunger in poor countries!

      Connected by Motorola

  2. Welcome back! I enjoy reading your posts and hearing about your travels, it helps to keep me connected to the outside world in the dark of winter.

    1. EEWWWHHHH indeed…but then we Americans don’t realize that this is true of most of the people in the world – no plumbing…sanitation…running water, etc.!!!!

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