In the Mist…

NOTE: I will be out of the country for the rest of this week.  I hope to resume my photo blog posts when I get back next week!

We took the dog out for a walk (yes, again!) this morning.  It was foggy and as we started walking along the top of the levy and as the levy curved off to the left, it vanished into the fog.  As we walked, my eyes kept scanning the curve to where it disappeared into the soft, white stuff, trying to see what was there…and what wasn’t.

Back in 2006 when we last visited Glacier National Park, we were leaving on our final morning, driving up over spectacular Logan Pass.  The sun wasn’t at strength yet, it was drizzly and rainy…and the peaks and valleys were filled with mist.

What lies in the mist?  Might there be monsters?  Might there be beautiful gardens?  What carnivores lurk just beyond the edge of human vision, but which may have been watching us with their better-than-human eyesight?

In the movie, Thirteenth Warrior, it is said that the eaters of the dead came in the mist…the fire worm.  Though it was highly fanciful and stretched credulity to the limit, they capitalized on the mysteries of the mist.

Here’s a shot I took that morning in 2006 with the camera I had then…a Sony Alpha A-100 DSLR.  If you look closely and if your eyes are better than mine, you may see strange beings barely visible in the mist.  Don’t show it to your kids if you want them to sleep tonight!

InTheMistON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: In 1959, while on a concert tour, rock and roll singers Buddy Holly, age 22, Ritchie Valenz, age 17, and J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson, age 24, died when the airplane they were traveling in crashed only minutes after takeoff into a cornfield near Mason City, Iowa. The plane’s pilot was not certified to fly by instruments, which was what he attempted to do. It was determined that he could not see the stars nor the lights below because of the visual obstruction of falling snow, and he misread the instrument panel.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Jack Broughton was one of the most revered boxing figures in England. He was buried at Westminster Abbey, the burial place of British nobility, although Broughton was not a member of English royalty.


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