Moonrise Silhouette

I love photography.  I love the moon.  I’m coming to love softer colors more than I did (I have always liked bold colors!!!!)

As we were walking the dog last night not long before sunset, the moon was rising over the trees on the other side of the river and there was some afterglow of the setting sun from behind us.  The moon was just at the tips of the highest branches of the trees and it almost looked like the tiny, fragile branches were holding it aloft.

In April, barring complications, I will be going to Africa to work for at least seven weeks.  I told Laurel after I got this shot that I am hoping to be able to some shots of the moon rising over the tops of some African trees, too, but whether I’ll have a chance or not remains to be seen.

I hope you enjoy this photo.

MoonriseON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1905 the Cullinan, the world’s largest diamond, was discovered near Pretoria, Africa, weighing 3,106 carats.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  Teddy Roosevelt found his favorite dog, Skip, wandering around the Grand Canyon. While Roosevelt had many dogs, Skip was the only one permitted to sleep in the presidential bed.


2 thoughts on “Moonrise Silhouette

  1. Wow! I was shopping yesterday and they had a shirt that was silk and bright blue and I looked at it and said OH! This is really nice to two other ladies there and they said” yes it is” then not even two minutes later I looked at it and said “this is me when I was younger I can’t wear this shirt it’s to flashy!”It’s like earrings now the smaller the better,hey! It this a sign of old age or just change? I like flashy things on others now better.Did I loose my youth already? I wasn’t planning to, until I was old enough to think about it or just bypass that age completely:)

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