Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

It was cold outside tonight!  The weatherman says that cold weather is on the way, but I think its leading edge has already arrived!  I don’t mind it too much when I can stay inside.  I used to love the cold, but now that I’m an old geezer I find that it’s nicer to be warm!!!  Besides, the cold makes me ache more!  (Wow…do I sound old or what?!?!?!)

I was up at a camp outside of Pinecrest, CA from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon.  On Saturday and Sunday, northern California got whacked pretty good with some heavy, persistent rain.  What that means for the Sierra is snow…and they had quite a bit.

On the way up, they started by saying that chains were required long before one got to Pinecrest, but by the time we got there, the chains weren’t necessary until after you passed Pinecrest.  We were glad we didn’t have to get out and wallow around in the cold, frozen white stuff while putting chains on the tires!

Anyway, here’s a picture I shot while at the camp.  I have always loved snow on pine trees and I liked how this one turned out.  Makes me almost shiver just to look at it!

_MG_0476_7_8_tonemappedON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1806, Lord Nelson was laid to rest in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  He had led the British fleet to victory against the Frenchies in 1805 in the Battle of Trafalgar, but was mortally wounded in the hour of victory.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: disorders in the brain can distort odors.  It is one reason that those who suffer from epilepsy may get auras of strange odors just prior to a seizure.


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