Wherever We Go…

Hi!  I’ve been up in the mountains since Sunday afternoon…out of reach of cell phones, Internet or email.  Yep…such places still exist!  No, we didn’t have to kill a deer to eat or build a lean-to out of sticks and pine boughs, but we didn’t have the things I mentioned!  So, that’s why there haven’t been any picture posts for a couple of days.

I’m trying to dig out from the email blizzards and get set to go in to the office tomorrow, so this will be short and sweet.  Today’s picture is one I took at the ocean.  It’s a photo of our dog’s paw print in the sand.  I was thinking about this as I was walking through the snow the past couple of days…footprints were everywhere.  I left them, I trampled on those of others, I looked at a chart showing the paw prints of native California wild animals.

Wherever we go, we leave footprints.  Our passing has an effect, for good, bad, or maybe even neutral.  I just hope that when my life is done, my footprints would be ones that someone could follow and wind up okay.  I hope your footprints are that way, too.   Wherever you go, whatever you do tomorrow, remember that someone is watching…and someone will notice your passing for good or ill.  Make it good!

_MG_9855ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1815 the Americans defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans, popularized in the 1950’s in a song by Johnny Horton (“We grabbed an alligator and fought another round…”)

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: until he’s about 21 years old, the male Indian elephant isn’t very interested in romancing a female Indian elephant.  (Maybe we should learn something from that, eh?)


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