New and Old

Are new things better than old things?  There are those who would most emphatically agree with that statement!  Who wants the “old” iPad?  Would anyone who plays current video games want to go back to “Pong”?  Just look at the furor when a new iPhone comes out: people will camp out overnight for several days just to be among the first to get the latest and “greatest”.

But, there are also those who like the older things.  Antique enthusiasts would much rather have an antique than the latest couch from IKEA (nothing against IKEA).  And how about the ’57 Chevy or those who would rather listen to a vinyl 33-1/3 rpm phonograph than a shiny, fresh out of the plastic and cellophane-wrapped CD?

I guess the point of it is that there is room, and always should be room for both.  The same is true for Christmas.  One of the things I love about Christmas is looking at the decorations.  Some are very traditional: strings of popcorn threaded by a needle, a paper calendar hanging on the wall with little “windows” to open for each day of the month that do a count-down towards the “big day”.  I love the brightly colored Christmas tree balls in all their color and glittery showiness.

Today’s picture is not of an old-fashioned ornament, but of a new, shiny one.  It’s different, but I like it too.  I like and can appreciate both the old and new – and I guess that’s the point I’m trying to get across.  (Yep…if you look in the round ornament to the right of the picture, that’s my reflection in there!)

I was posting on our extended family’s Facebook page and one of my cousins remarked that they are much more in to making gifts than buying them.  I LOVED that.  Something that is made shows the love, though and preparation that went into it.  It “cost” someone something because it involved labor – a labor of love.  And how about a plate of warm, chocolate chip and walnut cookies as a gift as opposed to a box of See’s candy or a summer sausage breakfast log that was stuffed in a factory somewhere and shipped half way across the country?  I’ll take the warm cookies with a glass of milk every time!

I hope that in the remaining eight days before Christmas that you not forget the old in the rush to get to the new.  I hope you’ll take time to linger over something you’ll give someone, even if it is just a hand-written letter or poem, telling them how much they mean to you and how much you love them.  Such old-fashioned gifts never go out of style and they never can be up-staged by a gift card from some “ready made” store.


ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1944, the US approved an end to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War 2.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Wintergreen Lifesavers make sparks when you crunch them between your teeth because of the wintergreen oil sugar crystals get crushed and the electrons break loose and scatter all over your mouth.  The electrons get lonesome for the sugar crystals they broke free from, and they decide to return.  The problem is that nitrogen molecules took their place in the meantime and the electrons crash into the nitrogen with the result being tiny blue sparks.


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