I’m Lichen It!!!!

Can you tell the difference between a moss and a lichen?  I don’t think that I can.  Mosses are usually of “longer” persuasion, I think, and lichens are flatter and don’t have that funny, fuzzy penicillin-mold look.  But, I certainly could be proven wrong.  As I’ve said before, I can tell the difference between a piece of algae and a redwood tree or a palm tree, but when it comes to plants, that’s about as far as my horticultural knowledge will carry me.

I think that today’s picture shows both plants and lichens.  The wooden posts and rails were the focal point, located underneath a mossy tree whose leaves were turning beautiful reds.

I don’t know about you, but I’m lichen’ it!!!  (Likin’, get it?   Or for those of you who are into the Underworld series of movies, “I’m Lycan it!!!!”)


ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1967, Dr. Christiann Barnard of Cape Town, South Africa, performed the first human heart transplant.  His patient, Mr. Louis Washkansky, lived 18 days after the procedure.  I remember when it happened – it was BIG news!!!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Antarctica is home to 42 year-round research stations, home to 4000 people during the “summer” and 1000 persons during the “winter”.  I guess that would make it the most sparsely populated continent on the planet!!!!


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