Hanging By A Thread

Do you remember when you were young and your tooth came loose and sometimes all that held it in place was a small “thread” of tissue?

The idea of “hanging by a thread” is not a very pleasant one, is it?  I mean, I hate the very idea of hanging over a deep crevasse of any sort in any place.  I remember the movie Cliffhangers, with Sylvester Stallone, a good number of years ago.  There’s a scene in it that scared the tar out of me.  They are attempting to get from one high pinnacle t another and there’s a VERY long was down to the ground.  I think I much prefer to be going to the dentist than doing something like that.

There are times, however, when hanging by a thread can be relatively pretty.  This small cluster of grapes were hanging by a tendril just a week ago.  Now with all the high volume of rain we’ve had in the past week, I wonder if they are still hanging, or if they’ve dropped off the vine entirely?  It is bound to happen, but I am rooting for them to hang on as long as they can.

You may be struggling to hold on right now.  Hang on!  Your delivery may be just out of your sight!!

I like persistence!!!!


ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1957, Sam Cooke’s You Send Me hit #1 on the pop charts.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, comprised of 0.17 miles.



4 thoughts on “Hanging By A Thread

  1. And I’d like to have those grapes!!!! I love grapes!!! I wish I was in Sennica NY in the fall just to smell the grapes on the vines!!@ OMG Yummy! Did you ever read the book by Reverend Hugh McMillan “The True Vine” Wonderful book and so well worded his simplicity and visions of God are so beautiful and I appreciate his works.I had one of his series but my sister kept it and then got rid of this wonderful book and it was an original printed in London,boy was he good!!!!! But the grapes are better,self explanatory, not as man.

    1. Never read it. I may have to do that sometime! These grapes that are in the picture are wine grapes…generally not very good for eating. But I love grapes to eat…and to photograph!!!!

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