Just Waitin’ Around

Isn’t it interesting how when we were younger we could hardly sit still?  Nothing ever happened or came to pass quickly enough.  Now, at the age I presently am experiencing, I’m much more content to just let things come to me rather than chasing after them!

One young boy (actually he just turned 13) that I know, was asking his mom about getting something and she told him, “No, not now.”  What do you think the rest of the conversation was like?  I can guarantee you that it wasn’t, “Oh, OK, mom.  I understand.  It’s good to learn self-control and not push for things immediately.  Immediate gratification isn’t nearly as good for us as building character.  Thank you so much for denying my request and helping me learn patience and character through this disappointing circumstance.”  No, not now, probably never.  It was a continual ragging on his mom to get it NOW, not later.  Gotta give his mom credit, though…she stood her ground.

I do know people who aren’t aging gracefully, to say the least.  They seem to be more and more grouchy, more easily upset, quicker to fly off the handle.  That’s sad.  I don’t know why they are aging that way.  I hope I never get that way.  Sure, we all fly off the handle every now and then, but we should be able to rise above such petty responses.

Buildings are a lot like people.  Some age gracefully and get more beautiful as they age.  Others – well, not so much.  I think the picture of the shed today has aged gracefully up to this point.  It isn’t as strong as it once was.  It is on the decline, to be sure.  But it still looks to me like a happy building.  It patiently awaits what lies ahead.

That being said, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  And I hereby give you permission to not be too patient when it comes to going for seconds…or you may miss out!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1942, the US Army Corps of Engineers completed the Alcan Highway through Canada into Alaska.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Australian scientists have discovered a species of spider where the young gradually chew off their mother’s legs and dine on her body after the little brats have hatched.  They suspect it is a natural mechanism to keep them from eating each other and this wiping out the species.  Voracious little rascals, thinks I!!!!



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