Stars In My Eyes

Isn’t it strange the way we use the term “starry eyed”?  Do you remember the old cartoons where Popeye would get smacked by Bluto and the cartoon would show a bunch of stars circling around Popeye’s head?  (Come to think of it, those were very violent cartoons – they were always hitting each other!!!!)

Well, that’s one way to think of starry-eyed, I suppose.  But that’s not what most people mean when they use the term.  It typically is used to refer to someone who is unrealistically optimistic or overly romantic.  (Now, I can certain understand the latter – I’m sure that’s what happened the first time my wife-to-be laid eyes on me!!!!  NOT!)

I was in a store in Healdsburg, CA a couple of weeks ago and I started seeing stars.  Not because I’d been smacked in the head, but because they were hanging from the ceiling.  The store was Mr. Moon’s and they had a couple of lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling towards the back of the store.  I don’t know if they were for sale or not, but I asked them if I could take pictures and they said, “Sure!”

Here’s one of them.  Now, you can say you saw stars today, too (even if you didn’t get to see me in person!)

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1864, Union general Sherman burned the city of Atlanta.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the favorite horses of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar both had atavistic mutations – they each had extra toes (most horses have only one per foot.)



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