Cool Heart

When you get really excited or something stirs you emotionally, where do you “feel” it?  In New Testament times, there were a couple different beliefs about that.  One idea was that the center of emotions was in the intestines.  Why did they think that?  I suppose it was because of what we call “butterflies”…we even speak of having “butterflies in the stomach.”

There second idea was that emotions were centered in, get this, the kidneys.  I’ve got no explanation for that one!!!

We tend to think of the heart as being related to our emotions.  We talk about being “heart-sick” because we’re so in love, and certainly stress can cause us pain in our chest.

I find that kind of strange, too, because emotions are really in the brain.  It’s just that the brain is so powerful that it affects the rest of the body, too, causing the feelings in the intestines, stomach, heart and kidneys(?).

When I was last walking through Founders Grove along California’s Avenue of the Giants (giant sequoia trees), I came to a very dark area of the forest.  It was an overcast day, which made it even darker…but when you are on the floor of a redwood forest it tends to be a bit dark anyway because the canopy is so far above you that it blocks out much of the sunlight.  I turned a corner and saw interesting contrasts of light and shadow and the wet bark/side of a huge fallen tree.  On the exposed area, a heart had been carved by someone’s pocketknife.  I have to say that I don’t “cotton” much to people doing that, but I thought it made for an interesting picture. It’s a bit to the upper right of the center of the picture…and you can only really make out the left half of the heart because of the light on the right side of the heart.

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ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1938, Kate Smith sang “God Bless America” for the first time.  It would become her signature song.  Irving Berlin had composed it in 1917, but it had never been performed until Ms. Smith sang in on this day.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the concealed lace basketball was introduced in 1927.  Prior to that, the laces were on the outside and it would bounce crazily when the laces hit the floor.  Ah, it took a real man to play the game in those days!



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