Never the twain shall meet…

Our dog, Lucy, had never been to the ocean before.  Before I proceed, let me also say that she isn’t the bravest dog that you’ll ever meet, either.  In fact, sometimes I think I can hear her clucking and think I see feathers growing on her underside!  But, she’s sweet and my wife loves her dearly (Lucy is really her dog!!!)

Well, last Saturday we finally got a chance to take her to the Pacific Ocean.  She was thrilled to be able to run around on the sand.  Eventually, we got down close to the edge of the surf.  She apparently hadn’t been paying much attention, as you’ll see from the photo, so was the last of the foamy surf made its way farther and farther up the sloped sand bank, she seemed to think it would stop short of where she was. 

Wrong!  As you can see, when she realized it was going to reach her, she leaped backwards, getting her legs all akimbo, as she desperately tried to escape this mysterious, foamy, noise white stuff.

What a crazy dog!


ON THIS DAY N HISTORY: in 1967, the first Saturn V rocket that would eventually lift the Apollo spacecraft and lunar lander into orbit was launched from Cape Canaveral with Apollo IV.  What an beast that rocket was – to this day, still the most powerful rocket ever built!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans ages the equivalent of 5 human years for every day they live, usually dying after 14 days.  However, when stressed, they can go into a hibernation that can last up to 2 months, or the equivalent of a human sleeping for 200 years.


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