Shooting Partners

I have to confess that in some ways it’s truly a miracle that my wife and I are still together. Why do I say that?  First of all, we got married very young (I was 18, she was 19).  The odds for people getting married that young are not good.  Off we went to school, clear across the country.  That was probably a good thing as it made us grow up together and lean on each other rather than running home to mom or dad when one of us hurt the others’ feelings.

Our first baby arrived when I was 21 and she was 22.  Very young again, to take on that kind of pressure and responsibility.  Our next came when I was 24 and she 25.  More pressure.  I was working a really getting a career started, she at being a mom and home-maker (which she did extremely well).

I’ve always been inclined to sports and somewhat athletic, loving competition.  I like to play games of all sorts.  She isn’t the least inclined towards those things.  She loves chick flicks (which kinda make me puke as often as not, especially when I see them for the umpteenth time).  I love adventure movies like Gladiator, Troy or We Were Soldiers.  (She likes that last one, too, because of our generation’s connection with the Vietnam war, I think, and the fact that it’s a great, moving, human interest story that just happens to be true.)

We have seldom had lots of things in our relationship that would suggest we should still be together.  We share faith.  Love for our kids, grand kids and dogs.  We like to travel and see beautiful scenery.  We like to read – but different kinds of things. We like music – but don’t listen to it together.

I am happy, however, to report that we’ve made it this long and are going strong!  I’m even happier to say that we have something else that we enjoy doing together: taking pictures of scenic things.  Just a bit over a year ago, I bought my wife, on the spur of the moment, a Canon DSLR of her own.  Granted, it’s not as pricey as mine (she was very gracious in encouraging me to get my Canon EOS 7D), but it takes great pictures.  And, now let me confess this: I think she probably has a better eye for photography than I do.

It fills me with delight when we go out shooting something together.  We don’t do it often, but when we do, I’m tickled pink.  A bit over a week ago when we were shooting in some vineyards, I sneaked up behind her and took a picture of her taking a picture.  She’ll probably kill me for posting this as she is very camera-sky and doesn’t like having her picture taken, but I’m posting it anyway.  She’s my shootin’ buddy…and even though she doesn’t get into it to the extent that I have, lo and behold, I love her more than ever!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1874, the elephant as the symbol of the Republican Party made its debut.  It was in Thomas Nast’s political cartoon in Harper’s Weekly in protest to a possible third term for Republican President Ulysses S. Grant.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: nanotechnology has produced a guitar with six strummable strings that is smaller than a human blood cell.  The guitar is a whopping 10 micrometers long.




One thought on “Shooting Partners

  1. Well your wife and my husband sound so much alike he likes his country only music and I love my oldies but goodies and my guitar and fiddle but I never play around him and sing around him like I use to.He is in his world and I am in mine we never go anywhere together you are lucky you and her worship together and go off together, but I am always alone even in restaurants I sit alone, go to church alone, and talk to God alone. He can never do wrong and I never do anything right:)So he thinks!And opinions are like you know what’s every body has one:) I can guess what you would say to this you know, You would tell me “You are never alone the Lord is with thee all the time and listen intently to your prayers he loves you and it does not matter where you are or who you are with he will never leave you nor forsake you.And your right:) Blessings and Peace!!!

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