Technically, I don’t know if the word “sidewalls” exists.  I know that if you spell it “side walls” then you could be talking about the side walls of any building (assuming they are distinguishable from the front and back walls.  Cars have “white walls”…I can remember when you had to pay extra for them.  Maybe you still do.

I have some side walls of my own.  I suppose they could be called “gray walls” (some might venture to go so far as to call them “white walls” that grow on the side of my head now.  It surprises me how much whitish (see, I can’t bring myself to confess it) hair is resting on the barber’s apron that covers you when they cut your hair.  I suspect that when I’m not looking that they grab some white hair from someone else and just throw in on there to disturb me, but I’ve never caught them doing that.  They are sneaky, are they not?

Barns have walls, too, and I think that the older the walls of a barn get, the more fascinating they are.  Last Friday when I had a bit of time on my hands, we were wandering around the back roads in Dry Creek Valley and came across an old barn.  I love old barns anyway, but this one had some real character to the color of the wood and the way the wood was deteriorating.  So, I got out of the car, trespassed on someone’s property, and took a picture of just a small section of the side wall of the barn with some wild grasses in front of it.  It also had an intriguing bit of yellowish mold/mildew growing on it that only served to enhance the scenic beauty as far as I was concerned.  I think the present color of the wood (from paint or stain?) is probably much prettier than the original red paint that was likely slathered on the barn.

Ah, maybe some things truly do get better looking with age…(at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself from henceforth…)

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1872, suffragist Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for trying to vote in a presidential election.  My, how things have changed!!!!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: physicists now think, based on new information gathered from the Hipparcos satellite and other re-analyzed distance data, that the universe is 3 billion years younger than they thought.  They’ve lowered the age limit of the universe to a paltry 9.6 billion years.  Any way you cut it, that’s still a lot of birthday candles.


2 thoughts on “Sidewalls

  1. Do cameras have just one light for the pictures or can you install a black light that you would use in a fish tank. That kind of light I am talking about makes all the subjects look pastel and more deeper in color and in a fish tank it is really nice Are you able to get this light for a camera do you know? I beet if you fooled around you might find that light can play a big role in the texture and appearance of your old wood ones:) Just a thought:)

    1. Well, when a camera takes a picture, it assumes a certain type of light (light has different “temperatures”) based on what it is “seeing”. If you have a camera that lets you choose the type of light before you shoot, you can choose what is right. Or, if you shoot pictures a certain way (RAW format) you can change the type of light (it’s technically called “white balance” and not the type of light) afterwards. I don’t know of any for black light, but you can create a “custom” one in Photoshop which would probably come pretty close to capturing what the black light shows.

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