All’s Not Fair in Love and War

RANT WARNING!!!!!  ALERT!!!!!  ALERT!!!!!  ALERT!!!!!

I have had it up to here (and then some).  I am sick to death of this election cycle.  This has been the most vicious, dirtiest, most lie-filled election season that I can ever remember!  I’ve never seen our country so strongly divided.  The dislike of the Presidential contenders for one another is palpable.

And it’s not just the presidential election that’s got me fed up.  Here in California, there are a number of propositions on the ballot.  There are ads for them on the radio and television.  And you know what?  The two competing sides make statements that are 180 degrees opposed to the other side’s argument.  Now they can’t BOTH be right – logic dictates that.  A number can’t be both 7 and 3 at the same time, and truth can’t be found in two statements that are 180 degrees opposed to one another.

Since when has it become okay to lie to the electorate?  Since when has it been okay to only tell others what you want them to hear?  Why aren’t there election commissions (or something like that) that monitor ads and levy HEAVY fines against any person or organization that is lying about the truth or a proposition or a stand on some subject?  I tell you, I hate it.  I hate it when good people are deceived.  I hate it when someone’s trying to sell me a bill of goods.

We’ve become so radicalized in our positions that we are now enemies instead of countrymen.  I fear that we’ll never be able to be pulled back together as a nation.

Today’s photo is one I shot at a Civil War re-enactment a couple of years ago.  The North versus the South.  Brother against brother, father against son.  Americans against Americans.  It was a deadly war, the deadliest we’ve ever been involved in as a nation.  It was tragic…and this picture seems to me to capture my feelings about the political wars that are raging.  There have been enough verbal “killings”, verbal attacks and smearing of other human beings!  Let’s get this election over with.  Let’s have an armistice and start to practice brotherly love, binding up the nation’s wounds and become one people again!!!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: get this: 500 years ago today Michelangelo’s incredible paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome were revealed to the public for the very first time.  Michelangelo painted the frescoes, considered by many to be some of the finest pictorial images of all time while lying on his back on a scaffold high above the floor.  It took him 4 years to complete what may be the greatest work of art in all history.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: 18 million courses of antibiotics are prescribed each year in the United States for the common cold, which is interesting considering the common cold is caused by a virus and won’t respond to antibiotics.  Over 50 million unnecessary antibiotics are prescribed for viral respiratory illnesses.  Of course, they may prevent bacterial infections that may cause complications, but overall, it is not good to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary as bacteria develop immunities over time to the antibiotics rendering them useless, and making the remaining bacteria even more resistant to treatment and stronger than before.



2 thoughts on “All’s Not Fair in Love and War

  1. I agree and I hear more then is true or not half truths just to make the other look good etc. None of us should talk about our dignitaries the way they have been talked about it is biblical we are not to call down the leaders Jesus said it.We pray and then, we Pray again, put your trust in the Lord, and he will not fail you. So much said about the President that was wrong and no one dare to look into it before they smeared his name and hurt his feelings. Years ago voting was a very personal right and you were not suppose to even talk to each other about who you were voting for it was very private.People done things with respect. I( had at least 6-7 call me on the phone from different political parties and have the nerve to ask me who I was voting for???Dahh! That is my business and my right to vote for who ever I choose.They ask you questions and do surveys they pick your brain and I hang them up!Let them go pick the old devils brain.I am going to pray this one out and pray more and do a three day fast all day and eat only in the evening after 6pm.Lord God lead us all to do the right thing for our country,guide us Lord into your perfect knowledge and hear our prayers and answer them,lead us not into paths that can harm the United States of America,though none of us are worth it find us a good leader Lord and may he seek thy will Lord not his own in Jesus name I pray and say Amen! So be it!

  2. Galen, I am SO glad you wrote this I too feel the same way! I JUST HATE IT ALL TOO! OH and lets not forget the POLLS I don’t like that either for some may not vote all based on thinking their vote won’t count. For the first time my husband and I didn’t even vote the same ( we vote by mail in and have already sent ours in ) I am comfortable the way I voted. I am terrified of the outcome as are many but PRAY the country works together no matter what! I also PRAY that the Terrible Storm Sandy will have a silver lining somehow for our country, like re thinking priorities and truly helping those in such terrible need right now. I was born on Long Island very close to where ALL that destruction is and I so feel for those people!


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