Things that go bump in the night…

It would be a very interesting study to examine the things that scare people or gross them out.  Some people are afraid of sounds they hear in the dark (been there, done that).  Others are afraid of snakes (yep, done that, too).  Others are terrified of spiders (not so much), sharks (big time), heights (yep), being confined an a small space (yep), bears (uh-huh).  I know a girl who was terrified of cotton balls.  I know a lady who is older than I am who totally freaks out around balloons.

I am not, by and large, a fan of frogs, toads, snakes or reptilian creatures of any kind.  I don’t have a desire to touch them.  I enjoy looking at them from the other side of thick glass cages.  Then, I rather enjoy them.

Today I’m sharing a picture I took of a lizard of some kind from the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  It was probably from the Amazon area, so if you can identify it, feel free to share the information with the rest of us, okay?  In the meantime, I’m going to call it the funny-looking-bright-green-bumpy-skinned-lizard.

I am grateful that my skin isn’t as bumpy as this critter.  It looks like it would itch…

TODAY IN HISTORY: in 1797, the U.S. Navy frigate, the USS Constitution, was launched in Boston Harbor.  You can still see it today…I’ve been on it and highly recommend you visit the graceful lady when you can.  Nice lines!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: “dreamt” is the only word in the English language that ends with the final two letter of “mt”.



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