Glug, glug…

Do you enjoy irony?  No, not “ironing”, irony!  No one enjoys ironing, do they?  Does anyone ever do ironing anymore?  (Ouch!  My wife just hit me!!!)

I like irony.  I find it ironic.

I also find it ironic that we live in the midst of so many wineries and I very seldom drink any wine.  I may have a glass every two months or so (maybe not even that often).  I don’t drink beer or other liquor.  Never developed a taste for beer or any of the rest of it for that matter.  Maybe once every 3 or 4 years I’ll have a strawberry daiquiri or something like that, but that’s about it.

So, what’s the point of living among so many vineyards and wineries if you don’t drink?  Well, there are several points to be made for it:

1. You can watch others drink;

2. You can watch others drink and make fools of themselves;

3. It is beautiful country;

4. It affords some nice photo ops if you look for them.

Here’s a picture I took at Geyser Peak Winery.  It faces highway 101 on the western side of the freeway and I’ve probably driven past it hundreds, if not thousands, of times in the past nine years that we’ve lived there.  I took some pictures of it from the road once, but never went up to the winery itself until just recently when I got this shot of a fountain.  Kinda liked it.  Only one problem: it wasn’t flowing with zinfandel or cabernet sauvignon!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1867, the Stars and Stripes flew over Sitka, Alaska, for the first time after Alaska was purchased from the Russians.  I hear that the Russians can see Sitka from their front porches, by the way…

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: “stewardesses” is the longest word in the English language that is typed with only the left hand, while “lollipop” is the longest word in English that is type with only the right hand.



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