Life and Death in the Arena

Gladiators once fought to the death in the Roman coliseum.  I’m glad that I didn’t live then because I really wouldn’t want to witness to that kind of gruesome, bloody spectacle.  It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would!

Yet, there is something about that kind of confrontation that captures our attention…and our imaginations.  At the Renaissance Faire, one of the highlights is always at the jousting arena where “knights” in armor engage in jousts, sword fights, and other feats of daring and courage.

I mean it when I say courage.  If you’ve never seen one of the jousts, they rally whack each other HARD.  And they fall off their horses down to the ground!  It looks and sounds like it must really be painful.

To build the drama, the announcer (herald) reminds the audience that the final battle will be a “battle to the death”!  Oh, my!  But, of course, it’s all just being acted out and no one is really killed.  That’s why I watch it…I know that no one is really going to die.  But given today’s picture, there is the potentiality of serious injury or even death.  It is a good thing that the guys who do this don’t have bad tempers.  If they did, and one got hurt and got angry, well, it’s not pretty to imagine what could happen.

I guess in a way that life really is played out in an arena where the struggle is very real, and deadly at times.  Let’s keep our cool and engage while we can!!!  Join in the adventure!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1962, President Kennedy was informed that Russian missiles were installed in Cuba, precipitating the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I remember it – I remember going to sleep at night wondering if the world would be destroyed and I’d be dead before morning.  I was just a kid – but it really impacted me!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: if you put all the ants in Africa together on one side of a scale and all the elephants on the other side, the ants would outweigh the elephants!



One thought on “Life and Death in the Arena

  1. The guy in the picture looks like he’s really good at moving his head out of harm’s way. It looks like he learned the hard way, though. Too many clear misses have shorn his head of it’s last hair.

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