Greetings, Earthling!

Last Saturday as I wandered through the dusty paths and by-ways of the Renaissance Fair, I was trying to practice my “different seeing”…trying to see things differently.  So often when we walk around, we fail to look upward and see things that are above eye level.

One of the booths that greeted me was hawking some type of wares, but then I raised my eyes upward and was greeted by the sight you see in today’s photo.  It didn’t exactly give a warm, fuzzy feeling…at least if you were hoping to be welcomed to the booth.

So, anyway, here is your greeting for the weekend…an remember, wherever you go, this beast will keep his eye sockets on you…

He is watching…poor, pathetic earthling that you are…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1923, Casey Stengel hit a home run to win the game as the New York Giants defeated the New York Yankees by the score of 1-0.  There were 62,000 fans at the game – a World Series record.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: over 2 million mistakes are made in total every day by the 200,000 laboratories in the US.  So much for technology being infallible…


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