Time Travel and Other Anachronisms

I have always thought it would be great to be able to travel across time to either the future or the past, to wind up in the middle of historic events, of spectacles…and to watch history (and the future!) unfold.  Just recently there was a movie that came out about a man who time travels (I think it was a Bruce Willis movie, but I could be wrong) who is sent into the future to kill himself.  I haven’t seen the movie and I have no idea how it turns out.  If you saw it and know, you might share that as a comment to this post so we all know.

When we were at the Renaissance Faire last Saturday, costumes were plenteous.  One of them was a guy dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow.  I must admit, he had a good likeness to the character made famous in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies by Johnny Depp.

What made this so interesting is that this character was standing there taking pictures with a camera.  Now, come on!!!! There were no cameras in those days!!!!  BUT, what if there were?  Or, what if the pirate Blackbeard could suddenly appear at a Renaissance Faire?  What if I could suddenly appear from the future at Ford’s Theater in Washington, DC on the night Lincoln was assassinated and could alter that event?  Wouldn’t it be something?

I don’t know about you, but I find stuff like that fun to ponder.  Maybe you do, too.  So, “Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you, Time Traveller Captain Jack Sparrow!”  (That kinda sounds like “Malibu Barbie”, doesn’t it?)

Is that a time-traveling Captain Jack Sparrow?

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1871, the Great Fire of Chicago was finally extinguished after burning for 3 days.  During that time, at least 300 people died, 90,000 were left without homes, and damage was estimated at $200,000,000 (a lot of money in that time!)

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: donuts have holes in the center because if they didn’t, the interior of the donuts would not cook thoroughly…they’d be a gooey mess.


4 thoughts on “Time Travel and Other Anachronisms

  1. This is what I see in him.

    The Beauty of my Dreadlocks

    My hair defines me
    An expression of my inner beauty
    Natted, twisted,
    A sign of strength and unity

    The beauty of it’s pigmentation
    The creative style of its foundation
    Of Afrocentric deiversity
    For my dreads are a vision of me

    Dreads are sometimes worn
    As an expression of deep religious or spiritual convictions
    A manifestation of ethnic pride
    A political statement or sinply a preference of fashion

    To break down the term dreadlocks though history
    Alternative names include locks and African Locks
    Among the Sadhus and Sadhvis, Indian holy men and women
    Dreadlocks are sacred, formed as a diregard for profane vanity

    The manefastation
    Of a spiritual understanding
    That physical appearences are unimportant
    For the beauty of my matted locks are ever-flowing

    An inner transformation
    “Vairagya”a state of disillusionment with material life, a state of determination
    For a full head of matted hair
    Symbolizes the control of power, the building of a strong foundation

    For the term “Dread”
    Refers to a “Fear of the Lord” his superiority
    Expressed in part as alienation from the percieved decqdence
    And other evils of contemporary society and a return to the Convenant wit the Almighty, Jah Rastafari

    Some wear dreads as a maifestation of their black nationalist
    Or pan-Africanist,
    Political beliefs and view locks as a rejectionof oppression, racism
    And the forces of imperialism

    But I wear my hair in this matted form
    Different from society’s norm
    For my hair quickly and easily on its own locks
    Without manipulation and is, herefore an easy way to care for my hair, my dreadlocks

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