Water and Plant

I don’t know how some folks come up with such creative names for their pictures or paintings.  I guess I’m just not that artsy!  Take today’s picture, for example.  It’s a plant.  (I know that much, thank you!)  It’s a plant with small pools of water nestled into the core around the center of the flower.  (I know that, too.)  It’s green and red, primarily.

I guess I could have called it “Rainy Christmas” in honor of the colors and water.  Or, “Stop Light Minus Yellow” since the three colors of the stoplight are all represented except for the yellow.

But, if I were really creative, I’d have called it something like “Xenia’s Revenge”, “Moonrise over Alexander Valley” or “Mephestopholes”.  Or, “Christmas Explodes”, or “The Drowning of Rudolph.”

See.  I told you I wasn’t very good at this artsy naming of things.  So, I just called it “Water and Plant.”  And there you have it…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1913, Henry Ford unveiled his “moving assembly line” to be used to speed the manufacture of automobiles.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Marie Owens was the first female police officer in the city of Chicago, joining the force in 1893.  It wasn’t until 1956 that women officers were allowed to wear police uniforms.



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