What lurks in your dark closet at night?  What is that scuffling sound under your bed?  What is that scratching at your window in the wee hours?

There are things that lurk in our minds.  As a kid, we lived on a farm out in the Iowa countryside.  A railroad track ran through the middle of the farm, and at night, I would image that hobos (or worse, murderers!) would hop of the train when it passed and work their way to the house.  They might sneak down in to the dark, dank basement and wait for me to be sent down there on an errand by mom to get a jar of her canned green beans.  Or, they may hide out in the barn, just waiting for me to show up so they could run me through with a pitch fork.

There was, every night, right on schedule, someone hiding behind the clothes that were hanging in the closet – I know they were there, because I could see the shadows of the clothes move every time that they moved.

In the tropical rainforest, many things lurk.  Some are dangerous (obviously dangerous), while others may be subtly dangerous, but dangerous none-the-less.  There are frogs that are deadly poisonous…just touching their slimy skin could send you to the Pearly Gates.

Today’s picture is of a couple of frogs on leaves in the rain forest enclosure at the California Academy of Sciences.  Are they deadly?  I don’t know, but I rather doubt it.  But, they have friends…very powerful friends…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1854, Abraham Lincoln made his first public political speech while in the Illinois state legislature.  What an orator he became…my favorite historical figure!!!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: some sloths, opossums and armadillos spend up to 80% of their lives sleeping.  Sorta like my sister when she was in high school…



One thought on “Lurking…

  1. They are very cute little guys,but could be poisonous??
    When we were kids we played a game called Frankenstein every night while my mom and dad were watching TV and there were three of us on the bed a very large bed ,and only two blankets at the bottom of the bed.Now every one got a turn at this telling a scary story and the minute that story teller said the word Frankenstein we would all grab for the blankets till one was without left in the cold with Frankenstein somewhere in the room lurking.Boy was I scared of the dark right till I had a child then it tapered off cause I had to get up at night for feeding. I still have night lights in every room no one walks around in the dark here,even then my room is the furthest to the bathroom from one end of the house to the other are we apart.If I get up once I’m lucky,I sleep right through if you wake me your in for it! Never wake a sleeping bear:)!

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