Awww…ain’t that Cute!

Who doesn’t love baby animals?  Even baby pigs are as cute as a button!!!!  There’s something about puppies and kittens, colts and calves, chicks and cubs that just melts our hearts.  Look at most of the pictures of animals that circulate on the Internet and most of them are of cute, cuddly, baby animals.

Today’s photo is no different.  This is a baby ostrich.  The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco has a “flock” of baby ostriches right now and we saw them last Saturday when we were there.  These babies were 38 days old.

Here’s today’s guest ostrich…do you have a name for it?

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1906, W. T. Grant opened the 25 cent department store that bore his name.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the females of many species of moths are wingless.  That’s why they often have larger and heavier bodies.



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