The Albino Gator

At the California Academy of the Sciences (when it was known simply as the Steinheart Aquarium) they used to have an enclose that housed some alligators.  They still do, only now I saw only one alligator and some snapping turtles.  The alligator, though, was special.  It is a true albino alligator.

You may ask, “How do you know it is a true albino alligator, Galen?”  I’ll tell you how I know: I interviewed the gator and it told me!  OK, I didn’t.  But the information placards there told us how you can tell: a true albino alligator doesn’t just have white skin, they have pink eyes, too.  If you look at the beast in today’s pictures, you’ll see the eerie pinkish eyes.

It is worth noting that whoever captured this critter and brought it into an aquarium and out of the wild was doing it a huge favor.  Albino alligators (or other albino creatures) don’t fare well in the wild because they lack the normal “camouflage” that would help mask it in the water or weeds.  In other words, it would have become dinner for other creatures.

In this picture he is laying just below the surface of the water.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1187, Saladin, the Sultan of Syria, captured Jerusalem from the Christian crusaders.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the winged “hat” worn by the ancient Greek god Hermes (or the Roman god Mercury) was called a “petasos”.



3 thoughts on “The Albino Gator

  1. I was wondering if this animal can see? Is he blind or is he just a special gator?How can they have babies if man take them and separate them from each other? That’s not fair!What if he had a family? What if he did die from another animal at least he would go in his natural habitat.He looks like white chocolate and smoother then his relatives.I have never seen one Thanks!!

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