Ever so softly…

Over the weekend we visited the California Academy of Science in San Francisco for our grand-daughter’s 10th birthday celebration.  It’s a very interesting place.  For example: you walk into the entrance and are greeted by the bones of a T-Rex (or fake bones).  A turn to the left will take you into an older section where there are stuffed giraffes, lions and other animals, not to mention some real live penguins at the end of that annex.

There’s an aquarium with all sorts of living fish and other critters and even an albino alligator (you’ll probably see him tomorrow!)  There is a planetarium and an earthquake simulator, too.  And we saw baby ostriches this time, time, too!

One of the more interesting places was the rain forest enclosure.  It’s a large sphere, containing lots of plants and some birds and butterflies, plus some smaller cages with rain forest spiders (you saw one yesterday) and snakes, frogs and what-have-you.

I got several pictures of butterflies and moths and today you’re seeing the first of them.  This is the underside of the critter: I took the picture from outside the rain forest sphere and it was on the inside of the glass enclosure (you can probably tell from of the spots on the glass that are visible in the picture.)  Anyway, I like it…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1880, the U S Marine Corps band named a new director.  It was perhaps only fitting that John Philip Sousa was named director.  He composed the Marine Corps song, Semper Fidelis.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: did you know that the largest deer in the world is the Alaskan moose?  It stands up to 7 feet tall at the withers and can weigh over 1800 pounds.  Maine is the state with the most moose per square mile.



3 thoughts on “Ever so softly…

  1. Hey! This looks like a gypsy moth? I caught one when I was aikido,and it was extremely large big enough for me to jar and cap it till my mother told me to” let the dam bug go!””He won’t live long in that jar”The one I saw was like I said: very large and not from this country it had two wings that had dark round circles like eyes looking at you and he was very tired,of course he probably died after I let him go! You know they are easier to get into the jar then to get out OUCH! his wings were very sensitive,but he did fly off.It was the biggest bug I ever saw in my life:)

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