Faces of Life

I have started to become more and more fascinated with faces.  It start happening to me when I was in India this summer (June, 2012).  Because we were visiting numerous slum schools, we saw lots of young children both in the schools and in the slums.  At one point, when we visited one school, there was a large group of older people present for a baptismal service.  I had on my telephoto lens so I could zoom in closely on their faces without being intrusive or interrupting what was going on.  I love some of the pictures I got.

Faces can tell incredible stories.  Think about the faces of our presidents and how they change from the time they are first running for office and the way they look 4 or 8 years after holding the job.  They are worn.  Perhaps no one showed that more than Abraham Lincoln…his face became a road map marking the location of every Civil War battlefield, of every momentous decision that came down on his shoulders.

Some faces are young and beautiful…and some faces are kept that way by botox and surgery.  Some are afraid to let their faces age, while others welcome it as part of life’s journey.

I wonder what kind of story my face tells.  Or your face?  I think that I’ll post a few pictures of the faces I encountered and call the “Faces of Life”.  Now, I need to shoot some more faces.  Anyone want to volunteer?

This woman’s face speaks of hardship and struggle.  But isn’t she all the more beautiful for it?

An aged Indian woman praying…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1969, the Beatles headed for the final hit LP, Abbey Road.  It was their 13th album and it quickly rose to #1 on the charts and remained there for 11 weeks.  What a great album it/was!!!!  I love it!!!!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: 5.5 million Americans believe they’ve been defrauded into buying something over the phone.  This type of fraud accounts for $40 billion a year, though only 1 in 10,000 report the crime.


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