Reflective Musings

Are you into reflecting?  Pondering?  Musing?  I find myself fascinated by reflecting on certain things that especially interest me.  I love things having to do with space.  I love to ponder some of the mysteries of the world and creation.

In photography, nearly every picture is made with a reflection of some kind.  After all, everything we see is the result of light reflecting off of different surfaces at different wavelengths, with the resulting variation of color.

It is interesting to take pictures of reflective things.  Sometimes it is the surface of a body of water, or a water puddle reflecting a building or plant or person.  Sometimes, as in today’s picture, it can be a mirror.

This mirror was on the wall at Sandpiper in Mendocino.  I rather liked this mirror and others they had hanging on the wall, and I liked the resulting pictures, too.

It is interesting to me that we can be “lost in reflection” yet also “found in reflection.”

Lost in reflection…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1893, New Zealand became the first country in the world to grant all of its women the right to vote.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the US was waging war with Mexico when gold was discovered in California.  In fact, California still belonged to Mexico at the time!


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