Well, if it has anything to do with ancient Egypt, I love it.  That will explain the several posts in the next couple of weeks that are about Egypt.

I’ve not been there, mind you.  I wish I had been able to go there.  It’s always been pretty much at the top of my “bucket list” even before there were such things as bucket lists.  I want to see the pyramids.  I want to see the Sphinx.  I want to go into the Valley of the Kings.  I want to see Luxor.  I want to visit the Egyptian museum in Cairo.

I have had friends who have gone…I even had an employee who went with his wife once while he worked for me.  When he came home, he showed me their pictures and I was so jealous I nearly fired him on the spot!  (Not really!!!)  They went inside the pyramids.  He said it was very hot inside and didn’t smell all that great and that the passage ways were very cramped.  I talked with someone just a week ago who had also been inside who said it wasn’t that bad.  But, I’m claustrophobic, so I’d probably go nuts inside.

So, perhaps it’s best that I shot this series of pictures of Egyptian art inside the Sandpiper jewelery store in Mendocino!  As I posted last week, my wife loves their jewelry, but they have always had a corner of the store where they had some Egyptian decorations.  I asked permission to shoot inside the store and they graciously gave it to me.

This is Anubis, the Egyptian god that is associated with embalming (the lead embalmer wore a mask of Anubis during the process) and the afterlife.  Half-jackal and half-human, he was present when the heart of the deceased was weighed on the scales.  The jackal was associated with cemeteries in Egypt, but the black color of Anubis didn’t have anything to do with jackals, but represented the color of rotting flesh and the dark soil of the Nile that indicated rebirth.

Anubis was mostly associated with the old kingdom of Egypt, but was supplanted during the middle kingdom by the Egyptian god, Osiris.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1940, President Roosevelt signed into law the Selective Service Bill which made all American men between the ages of 21 and 35 liable to be called into military service.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the term, Gothic, was originally coined by the Renaissance artists as a term of contempt and criticism because when comparing classical buildings (think Greek and Roman) to Medieval cathedrals, they felt the cathedrals were so bulky and ugly that “only a Goth could have built them.”



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