Flyin’ High

I always wanted to learn to fly.  I thought about it numerous times, but never had the time/money combination to do it.  I have several friends who have their pilots license – some were even professional pilots.  That’s cool.

Like everyone else, I’ve dreamed many times that I could fly. Usually, in my dreams, I don’t have to do anything to make it happen except think about it.  Then, presto-change-o, I simply lift up off the ground and I can float around wherever I want to!  Pretty cool, eh?  I wonder about your flying dreams…do you have to do anything, like moving your arms, to fly?

Today is another picture from Mendocino.  It was an action shot as the bumble-bee what just lifting off from the flower in the picture.  I had my telephoto lens on, so it was a tough shot to get and that explains why part of it is a bit blurry – I didn’t have a very deep depth-of-field (aperture).  Still…if you double-click on this puppy, you’ll be able to see the antennae of the bee as he heads away from the camera.

Makes me wonder a bit: do you think bees and birds have to think about flying?

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1898, celluloid photographic film was patented by Rev. Hannibal Williston Goodwin of Newark, New Jersey.  It’s the stuff movies are made of!!!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: without using precision instruments, Eratosthenes measured the radius of the Earth in the 3rd century BC, and came up with a measurement that was within 1% of the value determined by today’s technology.  Pretty smart dude, eh?


2 thoughts on “Flyin’ High

  1. Hi! I hope you believe this,but even if you didn’t it’s OK because it might be a little overwhelming for some.When I was around 7-8 years young I lived in an apartment in a big city and every day my sister would run down three flights of stairs and always beat me going down. I use to pray all thew time and asked God to beat her down the stairs but it didn’t happen. One morning I knew she was going to beat me but we got into position anyways and did the count and I begged God to let me win her just one time and I would never ever ask again.Well would you believe that I went down the stairs so fast that my feet never touched the steps all three flights my sister was astonished and said how did you do that???? Your feet never touched the stairs ever.I was way down the bottom before she got to the second flight. I knew I was moving my legs but I also knew my feet never touched the stairs to. It felt so strange and so nice,but the greatest was she never asked me to beat her ever again and it was all over at last. I never asked God ever again because i didn’t have to:) This so called flying only happened to me one more time in the future and once in one of my dreams.:)

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