A Strange Place, A Strange Face

Mendocino, California, is a different sort of town.  It’s located right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and the Mendocino headlands are a great place to walk around and watch the ocean.  We love it.  It was nice to see it recently after not having seen the ocean at all for over 10 months.

My wife has some favorite shops in Mendocino, but her favorite is the Sandpiper jewelery store.  She could probably spend an hour or two in there, even though the shop is pretty small.  They have Holly Yashi jewelery, which is Laurel’s favorite.  Watching her look at that jewelery is a lot like watching a Newfoundland dog looking at a steak.

While she’s in that store, I’m usually wandering around outside with my camera.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the subject of today’s picture.  I mean, I knew that Mendocino was another kind of place, but I didn’t realize how alien it truly was/is.  Today’s photo should set the record to rest….

There are strange things in Mendocino, CA

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1955, the most popular Western in television history, Gunsmoke, debuted with James Arness starring as Marshal Matt Dillion.   I loved that show!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  when a piece of glass cracks, the cracks spread at more than 3000 miles per hour.


3 thoughts on “A Strange Place, A Strange Face

      1. They say if you are on the beach and see lighting strike wait a few minutes and go and dig it up and you will have a beautiful peice of glass,that I would bew very interested it:)

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