How to Shoot an Elk

On Monday, as we were making our way across this great country, we were in Loveland, Colorado ready to spend Tuesday in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Those plans were soon dashed, however, as I got a phone call for something that would require me to be here in the northern California area on Thursday.  So much for a day decompressing in RMNP!

But, we got in early enough on Monday that we were able to drive up into the park anyway and take a quick look at the place.  We’d been there before, but it was years and years ago when our children were small.

As we got up into some of the high country, I was able to shoot an elk, so I thought I’d just share my discoveries about shooting an elk.  Ready?  Here we go:

1. Drive up into the high country;

2. Watch for a place where there are lots of cars pulled off the road looking into the brush;

3. Get out of car, grabbing your weapon;

4. Horn your way in among all the spectators;

5. Fire away!

I’m talking, of course, about shooting with the camera, not a gun!  And a telephoto lens is a must for shooting wildlife…especially big animals that can be dangerous.  And if you look at the rack on this beast, you will know that they can do damage…especially during rutting season (and that’s NOW!)

Enjoy the elk I bagged…it was a beautiful creature!

The elk I bagged on Monday in Rocky Mountain National Park…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1146, a conference of European leaders outlawed the crossbow.  By banning it as a weapon, some said that they had ended wars forever.  Sadly, they were very, very wrong.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: because microwave ovens cook so rapidly, microbes can survive on the surface of the food.  To make sure such critters are dead, put another glass or ceramic bowl over the top of what is being cooked and the steam/heat that is reflected back down onto the food from that glass/ceramic, will be enough to kill the microbes that might be present.


6 thoughts on “How to Shoot an Elk

  1. That’s a beautiful picture he sure is a beauty!!! He has green in his ear did you notice this??? Also it is good you learned something from that sandwich you ate with the meat you microwaved and got sick on!!!

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