Beautiful Small Things

I am a lover of beauty.  I love the high mountains, draped in gowns of snow, punctuated with pockets of sparkling, deep blue pools.  I love deep space photography (think Hubble) and the beauty of deep space objects.  I love macro photos of plants and animals that show us details that we couldn’t see with our weak human eyes without the help of the camera and special lenses.

But there are things that make such wonders look ugly.  What are those things?  The simplicity of a child’s laughter, the smile on their face, their tiny hands and feet and noses.  They captivate me – especially when those children are my grandchildren.

Here’s a photo I took this past week of my youngest granddaughter and her beautiful first pair of shoes.  You can’t really see her feet because they’re inside the shoes.  But in her case the shoes are so cute on her little feet and legs that I couldn’t resist taking this picture.

Every child is beautiful.  Every child is precious.  When will we learn?

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1883, a volcano on the island of Krakatoa erupted, generating tidal waves that killed, 36,000 people and destroyed 2/3rds of the island.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Heinz Vinegar studies the Easter-egg habits of Americans and found that blue is the favorite color (35%) followed by purple (18%) and pink (17%).  All the rest were less than 10%.



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