First Catch

There are certain wonderful privileges associated with being a grandfather.  Of course, we all know the best part about being a grandparent is the ability to just play with the little ones, spoil them rotten, and at the end of the day, hand them back to mom and dad to take care of until the sugar high from all the ice cream  you fed the grand kids wears off, right?!?!

Of course, there are other benefits that are really even greater.  There is nothing sweeter than when one of the little ones comes up to you and snuggle their head into your shoulder and just relaxes in your arms.  Can there be anything more wonderful on earth than that?

When my younger friends became grandparents before I did, I didn’t feel badly at all.  I figured I wasn’t old enough to be a grandfather yet.  They all told me that it was terrific, but I was more than content to wait.  Then our first came along, followed about six months later by #2, then #3, #4, and finally, #5.  (Will there be more? Who knows?)

What surprised me the most about being a grandparent was that I love my grandchildren as if they were my very own kids, not my grand kids.  I couldn’t believe it.

One of the other great perks of being a grandpa is teaching your grandkids how to fish.  Last week, we took a couple of days to spend with your youngest son (middle child) and his family in the north Georgia woods.  His oldest, nearly 4 years of age now, wanted to go fishing and had made her wishes known prior to the trip, so I brought my tackle box and along with my son, set out to teach her how to fish at a pond by the side of the road.

Wouldn’t you know it, I’m such a great teacher that she caught the first fish of her life!  You can see it here in the picture.  She did a great job of reeling it in, but when it was pulled up out of the water, she really backed off fast!  But we did capture it for posterity as my wife was manning (womaning?) the camera.  Not big, but the first catch is always exciting!  And you can just see the pride in her face!

The first catch..and a grandpa’s delight…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: the cartoon strip, “L’il Abner” started on this day in 1934.  Al Capp’s creation would eventually be syndicated in 500 newspapers and serve as the inspiration for at least one Broadway play and a Hollywood movie.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the praying mantis is a finicky eater.  It will only eat live food from leaves, branches, bark or the ground, but never something that is already dead for insects that are flying.  Surprisingly fast, the mantis has also been known to bring down a hummingbird that it catches unaware.


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