What a Fungi!

You know, I like to think of myself as a fairly jovial, normally happy-go-lucky guy.  I’d like to think that I’m fun to be around (don’t we all want to think that about ourselves?!?!)  In my case, though, I’m sure it’s true because my wife tells me that I am a fun guy.

Imagine my confusion when we were on a walk through the Georgia woods recently when she suddenly shouted out in excitement, “What a fun guy!”  At least, that’s what I thought she meant.  So I said, “Why, thank you, honey!”, to which she replied, “I wasn’t talking about YOU!”

I came to understand that she was really saying, “What a fungi!” as she beheld some fungi growing on a fallen log.

I was crushed.  But I felt it necessary to take a photo of my competition.  I was afraid to ask her which of us she thought was the funniestgi.

My competition…

N THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1944, Joseph Kennedy, Jr.(the oldest sold of Joseph and Rose Kennedy) and his co-pilot were killed when their explosives-laden Navy plane exploded while flying over England.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: a healthy man has 12-15% body fat.  A healthy woman has 15-18%.  The models featured in advertisements showing six-pack abs are around 10% or less.  Maybe that’s why none of us look like them!


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