Floating Blossoms

At the first hotel where we stayed after arriving in India, there was a fountain located in the lobby.  It was a large white marble structure, bowl-shaped, filled with water and decorated with flowers, leaves and palm strands.  It was beautiful and I haven’t seen any pictures of it that I think really do it justice.

But, being me, I took some myself, and they, too, failed to do it justice.  Perhaps part of the reason is that you can’t hear the gurgling of the water as it spilled out of the top part of the fountain to the larger pool below.

The Indian people do seem to appreciate beauty, whether it’s in their clothing or in art.  They love color!

The next morning when I came down to the lobby, there was a man there who was putting fresh leaves, palm strands and blossoms into the top part of the fountain.  He was very meticulous in his work: making sure the spacing was right between the strands of palm leaf, that the blossoms that float on the surface of the water were “just so”.  It was fun to watch him work his art.

Here’s one of my pictures of a small portion of the fountain:

Floating blossoms, palm fronds and leaves

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1945, representatives from the US, Great Britain and China, meeting in Potsdam, Germany, issued the “Potsdam Declaration” calling upon imperial Japan to surrender.  The Japanese emperor refused.  Sadly, tragically, that refusal led to the horrific events of early August, 1945, when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were smitten with atomic bombs.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: a geoduck is not a breed of duck.  It is a species of large clam.


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