Splendor in the Grass

Just a little while ago, after I ate dinner, I went out into the back yard on a treasure hunt.  I took the tools of my treasure-hunting trade with me: a garbage back, a rake and a scoop.  What kind of treasure was I looking for?  Dog doo.  Not exactly what many would consider treasure.  It’s not that fun of an event, but it’s better than getting it on your shoes and tracking it (and the smell) around with you wherever you go!

Fortunately, some things that are found in the grass are much more pleasant, and certainly less odiferous, than dog doo.  Such is the case in the back of the Sheraton in Mumbai.  I already shared one photo a while back of a statue that was partially submerged in the swimming pool.  Today is another statue that decorates the outside of the hotel just before you get to the pool.

I liked this sculpture.  It was simple, yet elegant.  She looks like the kind of person one might like to meet.  She appears fresh, as if she’s just been washed by rainfall (which, in fact, she had been.)  I never got her name, and no, I didn’t ask for her phone number.  I just let her sit and enjoy the evening as it cooled down and the breeze blew in from the Arabian Sea.

At ease on the lawn…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1909, Cleveland Indian’s shortstop Neal Ball, recorded the first ever unassisted triple play in major league baseball history in a game against Boston.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: there are about 3000 hot dog vendors in New York City.


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