It Ain’t Mystic Pizza

There we were, tooling down the crowded streets on our way to either a school or a slum, when someone noticed a swastika on a building.  As time passed, we noticed more and more of them.  They didn’t look just like the Nazi swastika, but it was clearly enough a swastika.

Come to find out that the swastika is very ancient – it didn’t originate with the Nazi’s in the first third of the last century.  While there is no definitive answer to its origin, what is clear is that it goes way back in Indian religion.  The Sanskrit “svastika” means “to be good” (according to Wikipedia, which is not always the best source.)

There is one legend that it represents the four god-like forces that stood at the four corners of the world and managed the affairs of the world.  Who knows?

Here is a picture I took on our last day in Mumbai when we were visiting the location of a movie shoot.  Right next door was Swastik Hardware and Swastik Ply N Wood.  Didn’t really create a strong urge in me to go shop

This was unexpected…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1872, John Blondel invented and patented the donut cutter, and we are glad he did!!!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: if you frequent Irish pubs and want a small beer, ask for “a glass”.  If you just ask for a beer, you’ll get a pint!



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