Hey, Mr. Sitar Man – Can you smile?

On our first morning in Mumbai, we were actually allowed to sleep in just a bit, which is good because it was near the end of our trip and we were all pretty worn out.  There was a buffet for breakfast so we could go down to the lobby and eat at whatever time we wished as long as we were ready to hit the road running by mid-morning.

I couldn’t sleep in much since I’d had a really bad night with my cold and cough, so I woke up fairly early, got on the Internet to catch up on some email, took a photo of the Arabian Sea out my hotel window, then showered, dressed and went downstairs.  I ate my breakfast (what a selection!), then went back upstairs to get my camera and notebook for the day’s journeys.

When I came back down, in the main part of the lobby, I heard Indian music…drums and sitar, in particular.  My first thought was that it was being piped in, but as I looked around behind me, on a floor pedestal were two men: one playing drums and the other playing the sitar.  I thought it was pretty interesting sounding, so I went over to sit in one of the comfortable chairs by where they were playing.  As they played, I asked if I could take their picture, and they were happy for me to do so.  I had my telephoto lens on (which wasn’t the best choice for this set-up), and I took some shots as they played.

I must say, I never did see the sitar guy crack even the tiniest of smiles.  The drummer was friendly, but I got the feeling the sitar player had been rousted out of bed earlier than he wanted to get up, and he seemed like a grump.  He was serious-faced the entire time, but he played well and I let them know I appreciated it when they were done. I couldn’t help but wonder why they sat so far apart.  Maybe it was because the sitar player really was a grump and the drummer didn’t want to get close to him!

Since it is Friday night and I’ve posted pictures that were about difficult things this week, I thought I’d share a shot of the musicians today…after all, you may be going out to party and dance tonight.  You might think about Indian cuisine and music…though unless you know what you’re doing, I think it would be VERY hard to dance to!!!

Mr. Grump and the Drummer

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1946, Allen Funt debuted “The Candid Microphone”on the radio.  A little over a year later, Candid Camera became a sensation and propelled Allen Funt to stardom.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: in Greenwich, England, during the 1800’s, it was against the law to impersonate a retired person living on a pension.  Strange…those British….


3 thoughts on “Hey, Mr. Sitar Man – Can you smile?

  1. No they don’t smile to much as their lives are more difficult then ours would be as children. They have witnessed allot more cruelty then our nation as children. We tend to keep our children our of harms way so to speak but their children learn about death of their siblings and other little kids very early in life and in most Asian cultures they are made to witness death even of their parents just as the way of learning to obey the laws of the lands .. I know of a family from Pakistan and I asked why the father never smiled and it was “It’s in the Genes” The child in that particular family beat his mother all the time and nothing was said or done it was like it was natural for this to be:( Different strokes for different folks:)

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