Mudfort Slum

When you think of a slum in the United States, my guess is that your mind conjures up pictures of abandoned tenement buildings where squatters may live, broken windows, mostly empty streets with little to no landscaping.  It is not a pretty picture to think of, is it?  People just don’t choose to live in slums if they can avoid it.  Sadly, many cannot avoid it.

Today’s photo was of the most depressing place we visited in India.  It is called the Mudfort Slum and is found in Hyderabad.  While some of the slums that I showed earlier in my recollections of India were of places with cement floors and concrete walls, Mudfort was not nearly that nice.  I think you’ll get the idea when you see the picture.

The smell of Mudfort was not pleasant.  When you saw pools of liquid on the ground, or ditches with standing fluids in them, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that I was seeing.  Bathrooms?  Didn’t see any…don’t know how that works in Mudfort.  I was afraid to ask.

Anyway, this is home to many Dalits from the city of Hyderabad.  The level of repression these people have endured for centuries is incomprehensible.  This sort of thing cannot be allowed to stand.  We must at least try to change life for the 250 million Dalits of India!

Mudfort Slum – a typical site in this Dalit slum in Hyderabad, India

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: a popular summer-time attraction was first seen on this day in 1946 when the bikini was worn in public by a model for the first time ever.  Guys have been watching ever since!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: by international standard, fog exists when visibility is reduced to 600 feet or less.  Visibility in mist may extend up to 3000 feet.



One thought on “Mudfort Slum

  1. Gee,why can’t anyone send wood or building material to build a large comp[lex for the woman and children to live in and one for the men to?Small two bedroom places that can accomodatre up to2-3 hundred people? Get 5-6 men train them to build and they can do this themselves and everyone can help:) They would have the workers, and the homes or even if we sent mobile homes anything they can live in and feel safe and have some comfort. A Toilet and bath would be in every place,don’t just feed them fish, teach them how to fish. Blessings and Peace!!! OH! Water is very important for everyone on this planet and everyone needs this for everything in their lives to exsist:)

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