Chillin’ in Sweetwater Creek

I’m sure that you have heard that it gets hot in Georgia.  So far (cross my fingers and hope I didn’t just jinx us!) we’ve not had it to bad, but then again, it’s only June 10!  Today was overcast, cool and rainy!!!!  Not bad at all..but it is about 94% humidity according to the weather channel.

Yesterday (Saturday), Laurel and I packed up the dog and went to visit one of Georgia’s state parks: Sweetwater Creek.  It’s not that far from where we live, and we found out about it from a brochure we picked up last December when we stopped at a visitor center when we entered the state.

There is a fairly large lake, lots of wooded grounds, many trails and of course, Sweetwater Creek.  There was a picture in the brochure of the river – lots of rocks in the water.  The picture was taken in the fall when the leaves were turning color and it was really pretty, so we thought we’d check it out.  It was pretty and we had a good time walking down the trails by the creek.

It was a warm day, not hot unless you were in the direct sun, but definitely warm.  At one point, we stopped along the creek and Lucy decided that it was time to cool off, so she waded into the water and lay down to cool off.  She even tried laying her snout down in the water, but it was a bit too deep.  I got several pictures of her, but this one from the rear end shows a bit of the creek and the rocks that are all over in the creek.

As my wife pointed out when she posted a similar picture on her Facebook page: Lucy’s rear end isn’t really as big as it looks here in the picture…at least that’s what Laurel thinks.

Lucy, our yellow lab, chillin’ in the creek…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1939, after a full day without drinking, Dr. Robert Smith, better known as Doctor Bob, and his friend WIlliam G. Wilson, founded Alcoholics Anonymous.  It was the start of a lifetime without alcohol for both of them, and for any thousands more throughout the years.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: beets reminded early cooks of animals when they cut them open (due to the color of the juice that looked like blood), thus the name “beets”, which comes from the French “bete”, which means “beasts”.


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