Fairies In the Trees

Remember the movie Gorillas In the Mist?  Well, here’s proof that there are fairies…well, at least at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

Shortly after we entered into the grounds in the morning by passing under an overhead archway where the king and queen were greeting their guests for the day (and others taunted us with comments on our strange dress), I was accosted by this site.  I thought she was interesting, standing there, still as she could be, not moving a muscle, drinking from a clam shell.

I never knew that fairies could be that still for so long.  She was still there when we left in the late afternoon.  I guess there’s a lot I have to learn about fairies.

I was amazed at how still she was…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1944, this was the start of “D-Day” as Allied forces began the invasion of Normandy, France, during WW2.  The assault was led by the largest invasion fleet ever assembled in history: 1200 fighting ships, 10, 000 planes, and over 150,000 soldiers.  Also on this day two years earlier, the Japanese withdrew in the WW2 Battle of Midway.  All in all, a rather momentous day in history!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: of all the potatoes grown in the US, only 8% are used for potato chips.  There are even special species, called “chipping potatoes” that are used for potato chips.  Gotta love potato chips!  Bet  you can’t eat just one!


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