Don’t Mess With the Constitution

Today’s photo (sorry for the smaller size, but cameras then had far fewer pixels!) was taken way back in 2001, in the harbor in Boston, MA.  We were there to visit our son and his bride who had just moved there to finish up their grad school work.  While there we got to see lots of historical places (Old North Church, Paul Revere’s house, Bunker Hill, Concord/Lexington, the NBA Hall of Fame, etc.)  If you are a lover of history, you would love visiting Boston!

One day we went down to the harbor and toured the USS Constitution.  It’s docked right there in the harbor and you can pay to go on and tour the ship.  This picture was taken on the gun deck (just below the main deck).  I can’t imagine how noisy and smoky it must have gotten in there when they were firing off cannons left and right!  You’ll notice a rope on the side of the cannons…those were there for safety reasons.  They only had so much rope on them…and the intent was to stop the cannons from recoiling all the way across the gun deck and crushing sailors on the other side of the ship.  The ropes would then be used to pull the cannon back up to the port where they could fire again…and the entire scenario would be repeated over and over as long as the battle lasted.

The Constitution was also nicknamed “Old Ironsides” because she was made of such hard wood that most cannon fire just bounced off of her.  She earned that moniker as the result of action in the War of 1812 against the British frigate, Guerriere.  The 44-gun ship was launched on October 21, 1797.

Gun deck, USS Constitution, Boston, MA

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1859, Big Ben, the clock tower attached to the British Parliament, began telling time.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: elephants communicate via sound waves far below the range of the human ear to hear.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With the Constitution

  1. Yeah! Old Iron Sides she will be 113 in October this year:) I went on her when I was a child all of us went on her. We went to Boston every week end to shop at the Market place for fresh fruits and veggies.Also to Macy’s for shoes etc.Now and then. Ive been on the USS Massachusetts and a submarine to. You can sleep on the Mame on the quarter deck out in the night air:) I have been in old WW2 Airplanes,but the submarine got me a little sick;( You could hear the water hitting on the bow of the ship and it rocked back and forth.I think every body should see the USS Constitution at least once in their lives as it is so historical and won some wars to:) I got a great pic of her on a site tonight as I was wanting to see her again up close.Part of my childhood.Thanks for the Memories:)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. She doesn’t show her age, does she? She’s a beautiful lady still!!!! It would be fun to sail on her.

      I’ve been on a battleship, 2 subs and two aircraft carriers. All were very, very impressive in their own ways. Never spent the night on any of them, just visited. My oldest son in California and his boy are going to be spending the night on a submarine (old one from WW2) that is now a tourist attraction at one of the docks at Fisherman’s Wharf. I think they’ll have a great experience!


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