Then They Got Wise…

It was 2002 (I can’t believe it was 10 years ago!) that my wife and I were on vacation in Ireland.  We combined the vacation time with a business trip that I took to the town of Longford.  After working through the week, we took off to explore the Emerald Isle…and what a grand time we had!  We saw so many wonderful things!!!  We want to go back sometime!!!!

Today’s photo was taken then with a small format (4 megapixel) digital camera.  It is of a tower at Glendalough (founded 6th century AD by St. Kevin).  There’s a story behind these towers.  Look closely toward the lower part of the tower on the left side (just above the top of the tree).  You’ll see an opening into the tower at that point.  Bet you’d like to know the rest of the story, right?  Well, I’m not going to tell you!!!!  (Just kidding!!!)

When the invaders would come (I believe that they mentioned Vikings in particular), the people of the village would clamber up a ladder that reached up to that opening.  Once everyone was safely inside, they’d pull the ladder up behind them and into the tower.  Since there was just that one way in to the tower, they could easily defend the invaders who tried to climb up there with a makeshift ladder.  So far, so good…but then the wily invaders/Vikings decided that the towers looked like smokestacks…so they built up brush and combustible materials around the base of the tower and lit it on fire.  The smoke would ascend up into the tower and either force the villagers out, or it would kill them from smoke inhalation.  Nasty Vikings!

Refuge tower at Glendalough, Ireland

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1453, Constantinople, once the capital of the once-powerful Christian Roman Empire, fell after a two month siege by the Turks and the Ottoman Empire.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: in Australia, it is considered very bad manners to wink at a woman, even if just trying to express friendship.  Those Aussies must be a very insecure bunch when it comes to their women…but who cares…as long as they keep throwin’ shrimp on the bar-b!


One thought on “Then They Got Wise…

  1. Wow I really took a trip tonight to Ireland and it was beautiful! What I saw of it:) I was looking up the tower and there are lots of them left and always a monastery was near by because they used the towers for a look out but they were before Christianity came to Ireland, then the poems are beautiful and the jokes what a site.I found one of my favorite pictures there Vincent by Van Goth and I had one just like it before I moved from the lakes to where I am now. I did copy it and some others to. Boy thanks for the towers they are very ancient and Historical!! Blessings and Peace!!!

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