Mud Pie Maestro

The warm weather has descended on Georgia – quite unlike it was when we arrived here back in mid-December.  This Saturday temps are supposed to hit 93 and be humid.  I’m curious to see how that feels, as it will be predictive of the summer weather.

But one thing is great about summer: it’s the season for playing in the water.  Wednesday evening my son and I took his oldest to the river park to play on the playground, learn to play soccer, and then fool around in the water.  I discovered something: my granddaughter is a mud pie maestro!

Why is it that only kids seem to be mud-pie maestro’s?  Why is it that only kids can be fascinated for hours with a single toy or plaything?  Why is it that kids find such joy in simple things like river-soaked mud and we adults find such things to be rather annoying and troublesome?

Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost the delight of such simple pursuits.  We’ve forgotten how to make mud pies, how to conjure up dragons flying through the treetops, to see dogs, cats and elephants in the clouds soaring far above our heads.  We we are diminished for it. Children are born as mud pie maestros – they seem to instinctively know how to make and bake the fine confection.  I hope to re-learn some of those long-forgotten and long-lost skills in my remaining days!

A mud-pie maestro at the peak of her profession!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge that links Manhattan and Brooklyn in NYC opened.  At the time, it was the world’s longest suspension bridge, held together by 5,296 bound-steel cables.  The bridge, designed by John A. Roeblin, took 14 years to build.  The span is 1,595 feet long and cost $16 million to build.  Try replacing it for that today.  And no, the bridge is not for sale!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the puffin is a powerful flyer – beating it’s wings between 300-400 times a minute, it can attain speeds of up to 40 mph (64 kph).


2 thoughts on “Mud Pie Maestro

  1. I guess that a Puffin is a bird of some sort? Then they have something in common with the humming bird they to flutter their wings very fast.The other day last week a humming bird came up to me while I was washing chairs for the summer with a hose and he just fluttered his wings because he wanted his feeder and I did make mention of this but they are some place in the shed,after noon tomorrow I will look myself,they are very precious and God is so wonderful to make such beautiful things they did not just make themselves it is impossible to get so many varieties of animals and people it couldn’t have just happened it was perfectly planned:) Thank You! Father!

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