Stop Bugging Me!

Where do you suppose that saying came from?  I would entertain suggestions from the readers of the blog!  I suspect that it came from nasty little bugs (like flies or mosquitoes or no-see-’ems or black flies) that just persist in tormenting us!  Someone probably got fed up once and shouted, “Stop bugging me!”  I don’t know.  What do you think?

Bugs can be beautiful (witness butterflies and some moths), but they can be as ugly as all get out (witness cockroaches, potato bugs, and other things that go skitter in the night.)  Bugs are not very often the favorite animals of human beings, nor, I think, of animals as a whole.

Here’s a bug I found on his back in the house this morning.  He was still squirming, so I just left him there, thinking that by the time I got around to shooting a picture of him, he’d probably be dead.  Not so.  Persistent little devils, these things called bugs!

But, I went back downstairs and picked him up on a piece of paper and brought him up to the office where I fired away.  Don’t you think he’s beautiful?  Nah, didn’t think so.  I don’t think so, either.  Nevertheless, we should name this little rascal, don’t you think?  What about Buford or Mortimer?  Suggestions, anyone?

Oh, depending on your browser, I encourage you to double-click on the picture to see it in more detail!

Yum, yum, yum….dinner is served!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Emily Dickinson died on this day in 1886 in Amherst, Massachusetts at the age of 56.  Though she wrote more than 3000 poems during her lifetime, only seven were published prior to her death.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: bugs hold a special place in the hearts of the Japanese.  They will keep insects such as crickets, beetles and fireflies.  They claim that their sounds remind them of a simpler, less hectic age.


3 thoughts on “Stop Bugging Me!

  1. Well you murderer!;) I called him Bemoe! In fact he’d Bemoe confortable if you put him in the toilet -yathink?

  2. Emily Dickinson,boy she wrote allot and after you die they take you stuff and sell it for money. Just as Stephen Foster he died then he became famous,he was a great song writer:)

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