Sweat the Small Stuff

You know that old saying about “Don’t sweat the small stuff!”  Baloney.  Hogwash.  Horse-feathers!  Don’t believe it!

Stop and think about it.  There are so many small things that can “get you”.  For some reason, since we moved to Georgia, we seem to have been sick about as much as we’ve been healthy (at least I have).  Thankfully, Laurel has been healthier than I have been.  But right now, we’ve both on the rebound (me more than Laurel – she’s still pretty sick) from a nasty virus that’s been hitting around here.  She got it first: runny nose, coughing, headache…and that turned into an upper respiratory infection, sinus infection and ear infection.  Now, though she’s not over that, she’s also got nausea.  She’s been one sick puppy.  She’s a tough cookie, but she’s been in bed all day long today.  I’ve had the same things (without the infections noted above) but I think that I’m turning the corner.  Why do we say it’s a virus?  Because she went to the doc and they put her on a broad spectrum antibiotic (“whatever it is, this’ll take care of it”), but it hasn’t helped.  Viruses don’t respond to antibiotics as I understand it, but the antibiotic can prevent your weakened immune system from falling prey to bacterial infections.

Virus, schmyrus.  I’m sick of ’em!!!  I want to feel good again!

I don’t have the photographic gear to take a picture of a virus, so I had to settle for something else small today.  This is a macro shot of a small blossom I picked off a tree in the back yard and I put an ink pen with it to give it scale.  Oh, one more thing: while macro photography opens up an entirely new world and way of seeing things, it is a P-A-I-N, quite literally.  Even with a tripod, you are hunched over, twisted, etc., until your lats or back start to ache.  I sure hope you all appreciate the lengths I go to in order to give you a picture like this!!!!! You may be seeing more macro shots in the future because here in Georgia there don’t seem to be the wide open spaces to photography like in the west.  There’s too many trees!!!

Flower and pen…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: remember Vaseline?  That smelly stuff that your grandma and mom used to rub on your chest when you had a cold?  It got its name on this day in 1878 when it was patented by Robert A. Chesborough.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: a baby in the womb will react to a light that is shined on the mother’s abdomen at 4 months of age.  They respond as if startled and they turn away from the light.  They also react to sounds in similar ways.


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