Life Lessons

First, I’ve not posted because I was out of town and then sick…so hopefully, we’ll get back on our normal schedule here!

Next, let me say that I didn’t take today’s photo…one of my sons did, but he used my camera so I think it’s fair game for me to use it!

Back when the little girl in today’s photo was less than a year old, I have a photo of her in Mt. Vernon Cemetery in Boston, sitting in the  middle of a patch of white flowers (dandelion-like) by a tombstone in that cemetery.  When I shot it, it captured me with a sense of innocence.  She had no idea where she was, or why there were all those marble things sticking up out of the ground.  All she knew was that she found a beautiful place and she was happy.

In this picture, she’s actually on the grave marker of one of her great-grandmothers, though I don’t know if she remembers her, because she would have been slightly over two when that great-grandmother passed away.  But the smile is still there.  She is happy.

There is something wonderful to be said for smiling in a graveyard.  It is a testimony to childlike innocence, but also for those who are older that we don’t believe it is the end, that in fact, there may be an even better world in which to live and that the cemetery is only a doorway to that better place.

We haven’t lived in Georgia all that long, but we’ve made some friends while we were here.  This weekend, we learned that one of them, a very gifted, warm, friendly, happy man, has brain cancer.  He told a group of us that he’d gathered together, and while he was waiting for everyone to gather, he said (in order to alleviate everyone’s wondering about why we were there), “It’s not a big deal.”  Then, a few minutes later, he dropped the bombshell.  We were stunned.  We’re still stunned.  We’re hoping and praying for a full recovery from his upcoming treatments and surgery.

I’ve had enough thinking about grave yards lately.  But I love the innocence of a child in the middle of the markers.  I wish that they would always know grave yards as places of grass, flowers, trees and quiet peacefulness.

Laughter amid the stones…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1886, Atlanta pharmacist John Styth Pemberton invented the formula for Coca-Cola.  I’m so glad he did!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: if you rubbed garlic on the bottom of your foot, it would be eventually absorbed through the pores and make its presence known in your breath.


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